Big things with little cars

Well Sort of, I had an after noon to kill, so decided to do a little bit of hunting, I read on here to try the Walmart’s in the gheto areas, which is exactly what I did, and came back pretty content.

  • BMW M4
  • Porsche Series Carrera GT(my first car of the series)
  • Mclaren P1
  • Dodge charger SRT8 Treasure hunt

And finally 2 very sad looking Red line returns, I found them in the clearance isle. The Mig rig was obviously taken out of the packaging at some time and put back, closed with tape and returned. The bigger problem is with the bone shaker, I think the previous owner bent the front wheel axle to look like the picture of the cars on main line card, so it doesn’t roll, which sucks. I am thinking about ordering a pair of Real rider Redline Wheels from Ebay to fix this one. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Going to give these two a good home. The redlines also happen to be the first I have ever collected.


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