Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Some long overdue stuff coming soon...

I’ve gotten very lazy when it comes to showing my HAWLs lately, but I’m gonna change that starting tomorrow.

Here’s a summary of highlights of what I got in the last month or so...

- A BIG HAWL today, including not one, but TWO Treasure Hunts (Volkswagen Beetle and Time Tracker), plus the long awaited Batch E ZAMACs, at the same store!


- Loads of 2015 mainlines that have brought my collection tally to 184 of the 250 mainline HWs for 2015.

- Yard sale HAWLS that include four Road Champs rigs, a Tomica Nissan X-Trail, Lesney Matchbox Jeep CJ-6, Matchbox Isuzu Amigo, and a Hormel Chili promo Zender Fact 4, among others.


- A bunch of M2s, including another hauler (with a ‘57 Chrysler 300 C), a ‘59 Cadillac Series 62, ‘54 Chevrolet Bel Air, and a Shelby GT350H.

- Some Auto World models, including some Deluxe models like the Mustang SVO, ‘66 El Camino, and ‘70 Cougar, plus two more expensive models, both Dodge Darts (‘61 Phoenix and ‘71 Swinger).


- A bunch of Matchbox models, including 2 5-packs (the Exotics and City Adventure sets) and some regular models (Tesla Model S, Alfa 4C, LM002, GT40, etc.), three of which I got duplicates of to DLM (Model S, Master Ambulance, Ford Cargo).

- An overall look at my growning DLM’d collection and my growing carded collection.


So, yeah. There’s a lot for me to cover, so it’ll probably be efficiently scattered over the next week or so. I’m sure you guys will love all of it!

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