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Some Moving Parts (updated again, re: Corvette)

But not the MBX variety, just some recentlings.

Front row: ZEE P363 Continental Mark 4, and an error Kidco Mazda RX-7 which was riveted together with just a corner of the interior piece caught between the body and rear window. It has a nicely detailed engine compartment to boot.
Back Row: Zee P351 Cobra Street Racer with the ZEE mark blocked out on the base, Zee P369 Ford Bronco missing its rear roof section (I couldn’t get the hood to stay up long enough to shoot a picture, but the engine insert is chrome), and a no name Ferrari F50.


Shinsei Jet Machine #424 Fire Bird (spelled with 2 words on the base), made in Korea, 1/59 scale. I looked these up when I got back from the flea baths this morning and got a nice surprise; I can look forward to $5-$10 in return if I decide to flip it.
I’m really happy to have found the no-name 1968 Corvette. The base has a lot of detail for a car with no brand; 1968 Corvette, No. 1065, made in China, and used under license. Across the rear axle is stamped, in white, 07/09 YM DONGGUAN. The YM immediately makes me suspects it’s a Yatming, but I’ll look it up and find out for sure. It has a nice ding in one door and a pin prick on a rear corner, otherwise minty.



I will not be bested by a diecast truck...

UPDATE#2, The unknown Corvette has the same number as a Yatming Corvette, No. 1065. I believe that someone licensed the tooling from Yatming, thus the nicely tooled base, no blanked out rectangles. Explains the used under license line on the base too.
I’ve found three base variations so far. Interesting search.

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