With all those awesome dioramas being built and used lately on LaLD, I really wanted to get in on the action. So yesterday I found myself a suitable base and got to work.

Here is the plan. The board will have a section of racetrack on the right side, in a gentle right-leaning curve. Next to the track of course will be a section of gravel trap, followed by grass, and a tire wall. The gravel trap on the left side of the track will lead into an access road, which in turn will lead to a small country road. Below is my crappy sketch.

And here is where I am so far! I sketched it out on the board, then applied a layer of spackle to use as the road surface. As you can clearly see, I have quite a bit of sanding to do, as the spackling compound decided to turn all wavy like the honeycomb cardboard base that it sits on.


Here are my questions:

Does anyone have ideas on how to do the tire wall without having to cannibalize a TON of cars just for the wheels? Or should I just find some black rubber hose and cut it into sections, stack em up, and be done with it?


The red/white kerbing, how should I handle this? I picked up one of those paint stirring sticks from the paint section at Walmart, but I think it might be too wide, and it’s also bone straight, not in a gentle right-leaning curve...

Help me, Obi LaLD Kenobi, you’re my only hope!