Big things with little cars

Hi there, I sort of have a little problem and I need help from you guys. I have a friend, she’s a freshman, and she has to write a paper regarding ‘hobbies and pastimes.’ So we talked about it, and told her that diecast collecting is a good topic to start with... and she gave me these set of questions the next day.

Thank you so much for answering them... it will really help a lot when the final paper is written.


Here are the questions... its mostly ‘yes or no’ questions, but a little explanation would help.

1. What is your favorite brand of Diecast?

2. Aside from cars, do you also collect planes, ships, tanks, and other types of diecasts?


3. Aside from the miniature version of the car, are you also interested in the real car as well?

4, If you are forced to choose just one, which is the most important thing to have regarding your hobby? A.) A good camera B.) A good shelf or cabinet to display the cars in. C.) A good drill and a set of screwdrivers.


5. Do you buy magazines and other media regarding Diecasts?

6. “Diecast collecting is an expensive hobby.” True or False

7. “Diecast collecting is for men only.” True or False.

8. Have you ever bought more than one piece of the same cast? If yes, how many was your maximum?


9. Say some of your ‘diecast collector’ friends dont like or hate a particular car. A.) You will still buy it. or B.) You will leave it alone and get somethin else.

Again, thanks for answering guys.


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