Sorry, I haven’t been here in ages. I’ve had a lot of mail hawls, mostly from overseas, including my first Minichamps!

Porsche Cayenne S in 1/64. This is my most detailed piece so far. The badge is a seperate piece.

Even the interior has printed details on the dash, radio, steering wheel, and doors.


My first Ultra Red, which I just had to DLM. The color is so beautiful!

I guess you can say I like this casting. :D


Oops, it’s sideways. But I’m now going after some Retros I want, starting with the more recent DB5.

First regular Johnny in a long time. The hood and tailgate open!


Couldn’t resist this. I like the W204s.

My first Norev! :D Very nicely detailed. I wish it had rubber tires though.


More Kyoshos. Seriously, this is the tip of the iceberg for Kyosho hawlage. Almost every other week I’m ordering some. It’s an addiction that I don’t want to quit.

I have ten more on the way.