Hi Everybody!

This will be the 1st of many posts today. I got my macro photos on my computer so going to post about the stuff I got over the last few months.

So the first thing I will show off are some no-name casts of Jeep like vehicles and one that seems like a Jaaaaaag. I got these from a trinket shop I was in the shopping area with my friend and his lady. She wanted to go into a shop that had lots of cute stuff in it … we were rolling our eyes but once we got onto the 2 & 3 floors there was lots of cool stuff like a table of these cars … I got one of each.

One is a green Jeep pick up like thing, then I got a sand coloured military vehicle, and the last one looks like a 1st gen Jaaag saloon (sp?) thing in gold. I will let the photos do the talking.



Yep I forgot to get a frontal picture of the Jaaaaaaag... :(