Today we have 2 WIPs and a ‘Murican DLM. I’ll start with the three wheeled Raptor.

I didn’t even want to mention this thing until I got the swing arm hollowed out. I’ve had a few cars crumble in my hands from removing too much metal, I didn’t want to tease this and then have it disintegrate in my hands. I got the swing arm from Captain America.



It has taken a long time to get it this far, but it’s time to find a motor. Which brings me to the DLM. (more boat in a minute)

40 Willy’s Pickup by Muscle Machines. This is my first Muscle Machines car and I was a bit surprised by all the pieces when I took it apart.


Holy cow! That’s a lot of pieces.

I was really hoping the engine would fit in Das Boat.


And it does. Yeah!

The top of a Screamin Hauler = The hull of Das Boat

My wife got me a cutting wheel for my drill after I sawed into my finger for the third time yesterday. Removing that roll bar was very easy with my new tool.


Roll bar gone.

My goal for today is to get the hull filled and smoothed out. And if I can find another Muscle Machines... K3PO will get some fresh new wheels.


That’s gonna look sweet.

Thanks for looking at my stuff.