... if the pegs in a Japanese Toys R Us are better stocked than any local store. In fact, this was the first time I ever saw Air-Cooled on pegs anywhere.

While there’s nothing wrong with having well-stocked pegs in Japan, there is probably something wrong when pegs in Southern Ontario offer half the selection, or less.

Southern Ontario is where Mattel Canada, the national Canadian distributor of HW / MBX in Canada, is located, but I have yet to see such well stocked pegs even before the winter holiday season.


Interestingly, Johnny Lightnings appear to have been imported by Toys ‘R’ Us Japan but are not available at retail in Canada. Round 2 hasn’t decided to expand availability of Johnny Lightning, Auto World, or Racing Champions northwards, where we have similar tastes to Americans.

One final note concerns these new, unsold Tomica. I’ve heard repeatedly that Tomica stickers and sticker sheets age quickly and fall off, but here are yellowed sheets accompanying brand new Tomica.