I finally have the answer to the age old question of what one model car I would choose to have with me on a deserted island. Ok, maybe that’s not an age old question but I do have the answer!

I’m sorry about the poor quality of the these pictures and the styrofoam dust but I am too excited about not to share some initial shots of this model out of the box! I have wanted a 1:18 Ferrari for a while and I pretty much zeroed in on the Enzo (although the F12 tdf models were getting a strong look). I wanted diecast instead of resin an initially set my sights on the HW Elite version. Great model but I didn’t like the door gaps, especially along the roof line. A BBR Model came up for bid and I was able to get this for a decent price (compared to the crazy Buy It Now prices on eBay and other sites).


I promise to take some better pics once I get a photo area setup. I still have a lot to explore and photograph on this model with all of the opening parts and removable wheels but she is tucked away in the display for now...