that you can’t pass up. So my wife and I went to our favorite antique mall and everyone was having 4th of July sales. So I picked up a few that I just couldn’t pass up, including one I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

Mustangs because Mustangs!
Yatming Mustang early Foxbody
This guy will be a wheel donor if i can find something that they’ll look good on.

And the one I’ve been eyeballing for about 4 months.

Pictures do not do the paint justice on this car. It is so sparkly. I wish I could get some sunlight to show it off but we’ve been inundated with thunderstorms in Colorado Springs.


I got this guy for way less than the $20 plus tax plus shipping you’d have to pay to Mattel. I love sales!

And one more thing. On our way to check out, I spotted this little guy.


1965 B.M.R. from the 1969 Lesney line. Except for one paint chip on the right side of the nose, a little flaking off of the nose number roundel and the missing driver (apparently a common issue with these), this car is in better shape than me. And we’re about the same age. :) And, I only paid $1 for it!


Thanks for looking, happy hunting, and to all of us Americans, have a safe and happy Fourth of July!