So as you guys may kknow, today is laser surgery day...

If you are wondering what it is or how the procudure goes...heres how!

“Many patients have retinal holes associated with a condition called lattice vitreoretinal degeneration, or thinning of the retina. If the patient is asymptomatic, most studies have suggested that it is safe to observe the retinal hole without any treatment. By asymptomatic, we mean that the patient is not experiencing any new symptoms of floaters, cobwebs, shadows, or flashing lights.

However, if the patient is symptomatic, then we seal the retinal hole using a “welding” technique with a laser. The laser surgery is done on an outpatient basis and is successful in a very high percentage of circumstances. Rarely, the retinal hole will enlarge and lead to a retinal detachment in spite of, but not as a result of, the laser surgery. There are cases where the patient can develop some scar tissue on the central retina—the macula—which can result in distorted central vision.



So thats one part... Te second part is that i went to the Chicago Auto Show yesterday!

heres a link to my flickr album!

Now then...time for a couple photos to please LALD!


and one just for LALD


sorry for the bad didnt quite focus corrrectly which made me mad! But least i tried!

So, hope you enjoy my shots of CAS 2016!