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Soviet Saturday - IZH 21156

I am starting a new LALD series called Soviet Saturday where I will feature some relics from my rather large diecast collection that just keeps on growing.

In this first chapter I will be showing you a pair of 1/43 scale IZHes 21156 by DeAgostini. They are also known by their nick name “The heel” because they looked so much like high heel shoes.

IZH 21156 was basically a cargo version of a Moskvitch 408/412. These were sold in USSR and Russia until 1994 if I am not mistaken. In USSR it was frowned upon for civilian to own a vehicle that had large cargo space because government believed that the person would be inclined to use of such vehicles for illegal employment. Hence during the Soviet era most of these were sold to small businesses.


The 2 versions that I have here is a plain white model and a second one with shoe repair company paint job.


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