Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Soviet Saturday - Lada 1500 (VAZ-2103) by Welly

Hello Comrades!

Today we look at the glorious VAZ 2103 - the luxury edition of VAZ 2101. In addition to the already generous equipment of the base Lada (crank starter in case the battery goes flat in the cold Siberian winter), the 2103 features four headlights, larger tail lights and a sports instrument cluster with rev counter and dashboard clock! In this Taxi, you fill find much comfort.

Illustration for article titled Soviet Saturday - Lada 1500 (VAZ-2103) by Welly

It also comes standard with the larger 1..5l engine, pumping out a healthy 75hp.

The design will be familiar to those from the decadent West, being that of the Fiat 124. But don''t worry, the comrades at VAZ have specified thicker sheet metal and an improved, more rugged suspension to suit tough Russian conditions.


Due to much popularity, comrades in factory at Togliattigrad are very busy, and you may need to wait a decade or two until we deliver your new car - but until then please look at picture and enjoy.

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