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Soviet Saturday - ZIS 151

Welcome to Soviet Saturday, comrades. Here, I discuss the greatest automotive legends from the Soviet era in diecast form.

I was trying to figure out what to show you today and this cold war relic kept calling my name so here it is.

ZIS (ZIL) 151 was first Soviet truck produced after WWII. The truck was based on a Studebaker US6. As such several major components are nearly identical if not carbon copies of US6 such as the chassis and the engine.


The truck came with a 6.5 liter inline 6 and 5 speed transmission. It was also a 6x6.

Although, originally designed to be a general purpose truck, it quickly found its way into the military. The truck saw various duties such as cargo and troop transport and most commonly served as a BM-13 Katyusha rocket launcher. A later model ZIL 157 was used to haul SA-2 guideline missiles.

ZIS-151 was produced from 1946 to 1966 until it was replaced with a newer model.

These trucks also served under the People’s Republic of China under license until 1986 as Jiefang CA10.


The diecast in my possession is a DeAgostini ZIS-151 military maintenance truck. It features a chassis and cab with a plastic cargo box. The interior is black plastic but is nicely detailed. If someone is in a mood to build a SA-2 carrier, this would provide a nice base.


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