I sure am glad Majorette have decided to come back to Australia in a big way, and this right here is one of the reasons why: The new-ish Alfa 4C Spider model.

I didn’t even have to think twice whether this one was going to come home with me, there was just no other way. It’s a winner no matter which way you look at it. Well, for me anyway.

Lovely paint job, nice tampos, good wheels too, nothing to complain about that I can see. And as it is one of the “Street Cars” line-up, the price is the same as a Hot Wheels or Matchbox around here (about 3 local Dollars).


I put one of the Matchbox coupe models next to it for comparison - of course I couldn’t find the white one in time, but never mind. As you can see, every detail is as good or better on the Majorette, and there wasn’t anything wrong with the Matchbox to begin with. The major difference is that the Majorette is a bit bigger (1/57), but otherwise they complement each other well.


Around the back, the Matchbox has the Alfa scripted “licence plate”, the Majorette has the third brake light tampo, apart from that there is no huge difference in the execution. The Majorette has a nicer interior though. All in all, there have been some very encouraging releases from Majorette lately, and if they keep this up, they will see more of my diecast budget in the future.