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Spaghetti Saturday: Charawheels Fiat 500 - Lupin the Third

And here’s the third and final part of the Hot Wheels - Bandai cooperation for the Lupin the Third models - the Fiat 500.

Some people here will remember the Tomica model from a couple of years ago. And though it’s the same car essentially, there are some major differences between the two.


The Tomica model depicts the car loaded with baggage as per a different movie scene. The Charawheels is straight from the “car chase” scene - and like the other two models, it comes with the appropriate figures from that scene.

And unlike the Tomica, this one has an opening engine lid to reveal the “afterburners” that give the little Fiat gravity-defying performance in the movie. And as you will know, I am very fond of opening features.


Once again the proportions are only ever so slightly cartoonish, definitely not enough to detract me from enjoying the model.


And if you haven’t seen the car chase scene yet, here it is - it’s good fun, as is the whole movie. I’ve watched it since my original post, and rather enjoyed it too.


Castle of Cagliostro from John Gaeta on Vimeo.

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