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Spaghetti Saturday: Dark Art

Evil side of beauty.

The Pagani Zonda R was Pagani’s equivalent of the Ferrari FXX/FXX K. A track toy for those that have more money than they know what to do with while being development testbed for the manufacturers for future technology.


That doesn’t stop Pagani from making something even more extreme.

They cranked up the power from the AMG derived V12 to 800 while also giving it new carbon ceramic brakes with lighter and stronger compound. New traction control software remapped that allows the driver to exploit the car’s full potential but still make sure all four wheels remain right side up and on the track. The new track beast also sports an F1 inspired DRS system for overtaking.

The result is the Pagani Zonda Revolucion. The ultimate form of the Pagani track car.


Horacio Pagani is so proud of it, that he personally autographed all five units. It’s an extreme track toy cranked up to 11.


The cast itself is phenomenal, it would’ve been perfect for both LaLD Car Week and Engine Week. All the details such as the exhaust, rear subframe, and the magnesium suspension are all there. It’s hard to believe this wasn’t something from a premium line like Kyosho and even more unbelievable that it was a promotion item.

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