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Spaghetti Saturday: Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta "TdF"

Here’s another magazine wrapper special from China, manufacturer unknown. This little 1/43 beauty represents the second place finisher in the 1958 Tour de France, a Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta, driven by Francois Picard and Maurice Trintignant. For $18 shipped from China, I think this model is nicely detailed and has a decent paint job.

An iPad and a piece of black cardboard form a classy backdrop.

Just look at this hood latch: a little big for the scale, but at least it’s there!

The real latch - elegantly simple.

The grueling, week-long Tour de France wasn’t just any race: it combined circuit races, hill climbs and even a drag race, so an all-around versatile car was needed to compete successfully. Ferrari would so dominate this series in the late 1950s with the 250 GT LWB Berlinetta that racing versions of the car would bear the “Tour de France” moniker.

This is as close as I could come to the original black and white below...
Just kidding!

Like any older Ferrari, this car has a fascinating history, but a couple of details will stagger your mind. First, if you were banking some decent coin back in 1979, and needed a wicked cool ride to show up at the disco in style, you could’ve bought this very car for $38,000! Not sure what condition the car was in, but still! $38K for a Ferrari GT!


Apparently, a Mr. John Geils found the price was right in 1984, when he purchased the car - probably to haul his amps around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He had a musical group us old-timers remember from our college days - the J. Geils Band.

Copyright Colorado 1000

And lastly, here’s what Serial #0901GT looks like today:

Can’t say it’s an improvement over the original race trim but then again I’m not the owner. But back in 1979, for 38 large, I could’ve been!

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