Here you go Philip ;) I to have been working on a custom Alfa based off the new HW release. I’m in love with this cast, it might be my new all time favorite. I to am bored with the average red/white/green Alfa theme. I based this off of @hellomisskira Alfa GTV on Instagram. I not only like the color departure but the mild track theme as well. The GTV and GTA are similar enough that it works, though the GTA is obviously a bit more pumped up.

I’m satisfied with my front end details but I still think my precision is lacking elsewhere. I really need to get away from Sharpie ink when I’m using enamel and lacquer as it bleeds when clear coat is applied. It killed my details on the usage of green and turned my window trim purple. Oh well, next time. It irked me that HW went with a blob of an interior so I cut out the poor excuse for a half cage and made my signature one out of paperclip trimmings and painted it all black along with the base. Race dots are painted on using round sticker outter trimmings as templates. I used a soft lead pencil to shade the grill and body panel gaps. I used a needle to paint fine white details like the triangles and headlights. Wheels where 5 spoke stars donated from the front of two Camaros from the same Forza series, sanded off the chrome lips with super fine grit. Think that covers all the bases, enjoy!