I just threw some wheels in there for the pics. As soon as the paint dried I knew it needed vintage redline wheels.

This car lost its windshield at some point in its life. When I purchased this gem it looked a little rough.

I don’t think I’ll be drilling the other one. I like the battered look of it.


It originally didn’t have the rear painted, but I’ll copy the black and red from the old one.

Just a red rear. (like a baboon)


I wasn’t sure if I’d like the blue.

I really like the blue.

It doesn’t look too bad without the windshield


Thanks for checkin out my stuff.

Have a Raptor update for your time..


It’s getting there. I’m almost happy with this side. The other side needs a bit more time.

That door looks horrible

The interior plastic is still in three pieces, but everything else has been put together.


I should be able to remove the tape now

Does anyone know of a place to get cheap old looking redline wheels? redlineshop.com is extremely expensive. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend.