As Richard Hammond was saying the other day, when Fiat wants to give their cars some extra zest, Abarth are the people that they go to. In fact, while it is now a fully owned subsidiary of Fiat, prior to 1972, Abarth was an independent company that built and raced cars of its own along side manufacturing performance parts for other Italian car companies.

One of the last cars that Abarth built and raced before its acquisition by Fiat in 1972 was the 3000 SE022. Fitted with a 3 litre V8 rated at 375 hp and a 180 mph top speed, this 3000 SE022 won the European Hill Climb Championship in 1971.

Now while that scorpion is probably the best logo ever to go on a sports car, I am not so sure about what is happening in the front of this car. Ya, we can argue all day about that, but what I really want you to see that rear end!


I think the rear of this Abarth is amaze balls! JUST LOOK AT THAT REAR END!

I could keep looking at it for hours. No, really!




This is a 1/43 scale model manufactured in China. The bottom of the car features the “Metro” name with a url that doesn’t seem to exit. I can’t comment much about the quality (the front wheel rubber is warped), but this was too good looking a car to pass on for ~$9.

Edit: As I was finishing up this post, I did a search and found that Jobjoris has posted a couple more of Metro branded 1/43 scale Abarths here already.