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Spaghetti Sunday: aggiungendo un pilota

While I was dismantling some MBX’s for their wheels to use on another (French) project I opened up my favorite sparring partner for the weekend as well. To try and add a driver...


But Fabrizio (actually, it’s a 1/43 Brumm Mario Andretti figurine) wouldn’t fit under the steering wheel. I did weather the wheels a bit in the process as the open parts were not, well, open. As this old picture clearly tells:

But the side panels of the interior piece... Were quite loose! So when I pulled that downwards a bit and pulled the rear of the seat backwards AND quite some fiddling Fabrizio/Mario was positioned, ready to race!


While I was at it, I decided to give the front axle more space upwards to lower the front a bit. It needs even more but still...


Now I just have to find a way to mount the undercarriage fit as it will fall down in the front all the time as picture above clearly displays. Input needed guys, I don’t want to glue it as this is truly a work in progress! Too bad the front lights seem to be glued on the cast btw, this way I can’t put some LED behind them to create some real lights. Questo è tutto, ciao!

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