Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Spaghetti Sunday: Alfa again

I posted this car quite some time ago, all shiny and new, so I thought I’d dirty it up a bit as it was driven in the 1972 Spa 24 Hours. This weekend I attended the Amherst train show at the Eastern States Exposition Center in Springfield, MA. While there I purchased some weathering powders from Bragdon Enterprises and slathered the tan and black colors on the car. The powders work better on a flat finish so the stuff didn’t stick as well as I’d hoped but I think it came out ok.

Illustration for article titled Spaghetti Sunday: Alfa again
Photo: David Durling

The car, by Progetto K, is the Alfa Giulia GTV as driven by Andruet and Ragnotti. This particular one came without front fog lights so I improvised by cutting off the bases of two scale parking meters I had and painting them white. Good enough for iPhone photography!

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