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Spaghetti Sunday: Bburago Ferrari 456GT

Bburago. If you’re like me, and have been collecting 1/18 for a while, you probably have a few Bburago models in your collection. Back in the good old days of buying models from brick and mortar stores, the toy car aisle of your local TRU or KB Toys (remember them?) was likely to have Maisto, Ertl and Bburago filling out the shelves. And if you wanted Ferrari models, a Bburago was just about guaranteed to find its way into your collection. But then you become a “discriminating collector” and your old Bburagos find their way out of the display cabinet and into storage. Now, while it’s not fair to compare those old Bburagos to newer models,they still have some model making sins to atone for. But on a nice sunny-ish spring afternoon, forgiveness can be found in a bright red Ferrari.


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