Last week I ran into Bburago’s line of 1/64 Ferraris. Boxed, about 2,50 euros, what’s not to love? Well, I only found one that I wanted to take home actually. This F360 Challenge Stradale. Or did that one officially came without the F360-part in it’s name?

And I’m glad I took it with me, it might even convince me to take some others next time. Just the wheels are terribly cheapish.

That rear for instance is great: prancing horse, red taillights in a black panel and realistic looking exhaust tips! I’ve seen both HW and MBX with less details.


Don’t know a lot on the Challenge Stradale. It was the cup fighter for a race series by Ferrari, Michael Schumacher was supposed to be heavily involved with it’s development and that base car, the F360, I personally adored.


It’s no 308 of course, it won’t beat that one for me, but it’s the definite return to the round taillight clusters I’ve always loved. I know the F355 had these as well but that one always looked as a reworked 348 (with it’s Testarossa influenced air inlets and taillights) to me.

It meant the goodbye to pop-up headlights, the F360, but that was a feature I never cared as much for as these round taillights that have been on Enzo’s road cars for decades.


E questo è tutto! Time to enjoy some weekend. Ciao Tutti!