Last review for 2017.

Not much is needed to be said about this car. A rally legend from one of the golden eras for Lancia.

Once again, this is an exceptional piece from Tomica Premium with the Alitalia livery vibrant and done cleanly. I’m also glad the livery is all tampo and not sticker that you have to apply yourself and become fragile overtime. I can’t wait to do a group shot of it with my HW Lancia Stratos Stradale and the Stratos Turbo which I’ve done a review here. The only downside I can find if being picky is Tomica forgot to add the fog lights and indicators located on the lower front clamshell which nothing a little touch up can’t fix.


It may not have won the 2017 Holiday Photo Contest, but none of that matters. Because this cast is a champ to me.

Teaser for next year’s Spaghetti Sunday


That’s all for now. Cheers.