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Spaghetti Sunday Extra: Battle of the 456s

It’s been a while, but it’s Battle time! For those that a new to LaLD, a battle is where you take 2 models of the same car and throw them in the ring for a no holds barred grudge match. Today’s match features the Bburago Ferrari 456 GT and the Hot Wheels 456M. That M stands for Modificata, which is Ferrari speak for mid life cycle refresh. So that means we get a revised interior and changes to the front end. Since this prevents a more direct comparison between the two cars, we’ll just focus on how close each manufacturer came to their specific target. I should note that the Bbruago was released waaaay back in 1992! While the Hot Wheels is no spring chicken either; it debuted in 1999, 7 years is a big gap in terms of advancements in model making. Basically what I’m saying is we need to cut the Bb some slack in a few areas.


Exterior Accuracy: Bburago

Both models are pretty evenly matched, but the HW loses because the rear of the car is too high. Looking at the side view, the panel line separating the fender from the rear bumper rises slightly as it moves rearward. It should be much closer to horizontal. And as you can see in the above pic, it’s a noticeable difference. The Bb has it own accuracy issues, but just not as bad as the HW. First is the wheel mounting system that leaves an ugly black stub in the middle of each wheel. There is also the issue of Bburago using the same tire on seemingly every model they made. From Countachs to 996 911s to BMW Z3s, they all have the same tire. But the Hot Wheels uses the same tire as well, so it’s a wash?


Exterior Fit and Finish: Hot Wheels

Hands down this goes to the Hot Wheels. The paint is in another league, and having the windows trimmed out makes a world of difference. The Bburago’s paint provides a text book example of orange peel, and it’s not helped by the noticeable mold parting lines. And what’s the deal with having a big hole in the trunk for the “Ferrari” badge?


Interior Accuracy: Hot Wheels

Once again both cars are close. The difference comes down to the dashboard. The only molded detail of the Bb is the HVAC vents. Everything else is a sticker. The Hot Wheels dashboard is much better resolved in terms of molded detail, but it’s all lost in a sea of black.


Interior Fit and Finish: Draw

Nothing to see here people. Keep moving.

Engine/Underhood Detail: Draw/Bburago

They look exactly the same but with different finishes. The Hot Wheels looks to be more correct, but the Bburago has red heads, so it’ll get the nod even if it is wrong. Bburago also provided reflectors and lenses for the headlights.


Value: Draw/Bburago

As new both cars were priced about the same. Currently Bburagos aeare going for around $20. The few Hot Wheels to have hit the blocks are going for about $40. Does the Hot Wheels look nicer? Yes. Does it look $20 nicer? Yeah, it kinda does, but some tape, some black paint, and a bit of patience will get the Bburago looking 90% as nice.


Ultimately the winner here comes down to which version the 456 you like the best. If you want the original, Bburago it is. If it’s the “M”, then it’s Hot Wheels. It’s also worth noting that the 456M was only released in silver. The 456 is available in blue, green, red, dark red, and silver.

Beyond that differences in cost, detail, and quality aren’t really enough to sway the vote either way.


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