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Spaghetti Sunday: Grazie Signore Pinna Caudale!

When Fintail put his Sale of the Century online I was pretty late in the game, probably has something to do with completely different timezones we’re in. But to my surprise, three lots were unsold upon that point. So I had to get ‘m.


Like this MC18 Ferrari Set. Not just because of that F40 actually. Nor that Testarossa although I was a big fan of Miami Vice back in the days. It all was about the chance of getting a pristine cast of one of my favorite Ferraris ever made.

There was more in the package but that’s for other days. I’m of to an Italian meet that’s totally appropriate for this post. In a TVR. And the weather is actually not that nice. What a world.


Grazie Signore Fintail! Ciao Tutti!

One of the added bonusses, an ERTL Dino 246GT

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