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Spaghetti Sunday: il Mostro del Negozio dell'Usato

Looking at all this yardsale/hawl posts this weekend I sure can add something. And it’s shown before alright, most recently by TFritch I think. The Alfa Romeo SZ. The ES30 (Experimental Sportscar 3.0 litre). Probably best known as Il Mostro.


If there’s one favorite Alfa Romeo for me it probably is this. So when I ran into a pretty neat one for 0.25 euros I had to snag it, no doubt. Then, minutes after this at another thrift shop nearby, I found another one. 0.50 euros. And not nearly as good! Got it anyway.

And to proof how bad it was: guess what happened when I tear of that price sticker:


Even more paint came off. Luckily I decided this one would go into the stripper the moment I had it in my hand but still: What shop uses these stickers with glue this sticky?


Found a few other cars I had to get as well. One MBX of a car I used to own my self and two Majorettes of a car my dad used to own. And is known for being his worst car ever. Of course it was French.


E questo è ca! Ciao Tutti!

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