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Spaghetti Sunday: ingrandire il immagine

New year, time for new experiments on Sunday. So after consulting my freelance cinematographic advisor from Hollywood (Opponaut Jonee) I was told to look into Zoom-In Gifs.


And he showed me the most epic one in the process. THAT CAT!

I decided to try a stop-motion first. 16 photos, camera positioned on my LEGO Duplo train. Still a bit too shaky. Then I went to a generic animated gif creator (I mostly use which allows one to fiddle with the animation speed per frame.

But it’s wasn’t totally satisfactory yet. Both the train cart and the frames are a bit shaky. I have gotten a LEGO non-Duplo train kit for my daughter so maybe I should try and use that?


And maybe I should just film it and turn the film into an animated gif? Questions, question, questions. I’m glad the weekend is almost over...


Ciao Tutti!

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