Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Spaghetti Sunday: ingrandire il immagine, seconda parte

Another weekend, another attempt zooming in


Another approach though, this time I just positioned the camera with it’s 18-55mm zoom lens and started making a short video instead of shooting pictures and doing a stop-motion (both Small Scale Sydney and Jonee advised me to do so). Advantages:

  • I’m able to keep the car better centered (the cart and car of last week’s attempt weren’t perfectly alligned and that’s hard to create with these sizes & Duplo’s not unlimited block size).
  • It’s more stable.
  • It’s more “fluent”.

Still not perfect. Zoomin’ in still gives it a bit of a shaky feel as I have to fiddle with the lens a bit. So you’ll have to edit the video somewhat first to loose the shaky stuff and add a pause a bit in front and after the zoom. And I’m not entirely satisfied with the focus. And I ended up trying a few online animated gif generators, at first but that one has a (free) max on size of 480:


So in the end I used That has a max of 800 and is therefor more Kinja-friendly. Although I feel the Giphy one to be more fluent.

Next time I’ll try my trusted Sigma 70-210mm on the NEX-FD adapter to make the “traveling distance” bigger. Instantly gives a bigger challenge to keep it all stable as the “camera construction” will be way bigger. And the autofocus won’t work because it’s an old manual lens. Working on that. If anyone has any tips for me just shoot ‘m in the comments!


Ciao Tutti!

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