Don’t worry, I haven’t run out of Japanese cars, far from it. I just felt like a change today. Here we have a model that both delights me and frustrates me - the Prototype Lamborghini Countach from one of the UCC Coffee collections.

This is a model of the second ever Countach - the first one was destroyed in crash testing after being used for development work. It still had some differences from the final product, like the two-piece side windows (which became three-piece for production) and a different front grill.

It was presented at the 1973 Geneva Motor Show - painted in red and equipped with two windscreen wipers. It was re-painted in green and received the one wiper treatment for the Paris Motor Show of the same year.


It represents the Countach in its purest form, before the lines were wrecked by evermore garish body kits in the 80s. So what’s the frustrating bit about this model? First, the scale. After running a tape measure over it, it comes in at a rather odd 1/48. Too small for a 1/43, rather too big to sit happily in my collection. The other bit? It has very dark tinted windows to hide that it has no interior whatsoever. Which is a bit weak.


But I do love it because of the purity of the early Countach design. In case you have forgotten what happened to it later, here’s a little reminder. Yes, they came from the factory like that!