The Miura is just about my all time favorite Automotive design. So I was very happy that Tomica re-visited this car with this Premium Jota casting.

So how do I like it, now that I have it in my hands? I love it - except..for “The Gap”. That gap between the cabin and the engine cover. Somehow, they messed that up a little bit. Maybe they didn’t properly account for the thickness of the paint?

It looks worse on the photos than in real life, for sure. And everything else is as it should be, taking into account that this is a Premium and not a TLV. I do thing=k a TLV version would have been a bit better...


Both the engine detail and the wheels are ok without being over the top - and the tampos and black plastic add-ons look great.


Hopefully on a future edition, they’ll work on the tolerances a little as otherwise it is a very fine model indeed.