Hallo everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I shared anything here on LaLD. Been busy with life. Heh. But now I want to share these two extra tiny Ferraris by Kyosho from the Ferrari Micro Cars series.

These were sold in blind packs, or mystery packs. You won’t know which model you’re gonna get (unless you press and feel the shape of the car and tell from there). Even if you got the car of your choice, you might not have gotten it in the colour you wanted. Kyosho released two colour variants of each model. Can’t remember how many models there were in this series...

Anyways, I chose two mystery packs and got the beautiful F50GT and handsome 360 Challenge Stradale. The cars don’t feel premium; they’re built on a budget and hence cheap to buy. One packet cost me (Singapore dollars) $4.90. Oh, and each pack comes with a Ferrari shield sticker, so that makes it extra cool.


Thanks for viewing!

Enjoy your Sunday!