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Spaghetti Sunday: Panning Lateralmente

Sorry for showing some more pics with the HF Integrale but it is my experimental work horse. And working on those Full Frontal moving shots last week made me think about a new way of doing the usual panning shots as well.


The Pan-O-Rama 1.0 had an arm pushing from next to the camera, reason why the panning shots are cropped from just behind the car to prevent that arm to be seen. I ended up adding a popsicle stick or a cocktail fork to cover up the arm a bit but still: not much space behind the car to be shown.

If you look close you see that black piece of plastic pushing the car. So... For the Pan-O-Rama 2.0 I created an arm to come from the back by some sort of U-construction. The “U” is constructed around one side of the road surface. And push the car from the other side.


As the roadsurface/diorama has that wall of sponsors and I still was just experimenting the arm is somewhat too high, therefor you see that “bump” on it’s roof. So lower cars than this Delta will be even harder to shoot this way, at least at my track surface.


There’s slightly less space to have the car “traveling” but there’s solutions for this: fiddling with the shutterspeed for example. But, due to it’s length the Duplo isn’t as stiff as the 1.0 so the Delta gets more blurry than I’d like it to be. That’s it for today, glad to be able to finally show a complete car and maybe add some realism. Ciao!

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