Two weeks ago I showed the 1/64 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale by Bburago and complained about those hideous wheels. One of the best features on those Bburago 1/64s though is... Easiest wheelswap ever. Because screwed underpinnings!

So this:

Becomes this:


In only a few seconds. The red ain’t my thing either so I had to something about that as well.

Soft focus for a reason, clearly needs a second layer of gold (one of the few colors I had laying around) and some touching up.


Wheels come from a SIKU Wiesmann Roadster in a bigger 1/55 scale but they fit the Ferrari decently if you ask me. And there’s rubber tires so that works way better than those original ones.


Need a more steady hand by the way but hey: it’s the weekend. Hope you’ll enjoy yours. Ciao Tutti!