Spaghetti Sunday: Può volare?

I was pretty impressed by Tinfoil’s Will it Fly series with his Escort RS so I thought I’d give it a try. And what better car to do this with than that epic Italian rally god from Lancia I displayed before? As it’s one of my cheaper beat-up 1/43’s it actually crashing won’t be a problem anyway. Tinfoil even tipped me what household-attribute I could cannibalize as I had no wire at hand.


It started life as a wire coat hanger and it’s not that easily bendable but as it needs to support bigger scale any way (I’m sure it will even support 1/18’s) it’s the best I can come up with right now. It just told me I need one thing badly, again. And that’s a bigger diorama.

Because to create speed in these you need somewhat more distance. And yes: Lancia mounted Carellos for their rally lights. So Fabio had just one goal this weekend and that’s crashing into that S.E.V. Marchal sign next to the track. Pretty resentful dude, Fabio...


Ciao tutti!

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