As brilliant as Alfa Romeo’s GTV and its small stablemates were, it’s easy to forget that Alfa Romeo has a fine history of larger GT cars. This is one such, the 2600 Spider of 1960, designated the Tipo 106. Its beautiful lines, penned by Zagato’s brilliant Ercole Spada, were matched by an all-alloy twincam six derived from Alfa’s famed four. While it offered good performance for its time, Alfas are expected to handle, and in this area the large engine up front did it no favors. Perhaps because of this, sales were never great, and you are much more likely to see one of the 2600's smaller successors at a show today.

This is another Rite-Aid special by Welly, in 1/24. For $9, I have no complaints! I haven’t seen another on the shelf since, so I’m glad to have caught it.

I took these pictures months ago in a few minutes of free time, meaning to do a Spaghetti Sunday the same day, but couldn’t make it happen. Better late than never.


As an aside, it seems asinine to play with model cars & watch racing today following the horrifying news from Orlando this morning, but here we are. Thoughts are with the survivors and families of the deceased, and my anger that such things continue to happen in this country & elsewhere knows no relief. I’m picturing their loved ones cruising the sunny Florida coast in the car above, not a care in the world, the specter of senseless violence not even a concept.