As I was cleaning my lens (all that fog lately!) I had to get some test shots to see if I was doing alright. So I took out this little Italian friend. And boy was this FIAT 500 little as a 1:1. As it is a Microchamps 1/64 this cast really is tiny.

USB for the size of it!

The connection to Michael Schumacher is the fact this is supposed to be his first car ever. Hence the “Mein erstes Auto” on the base.


Definitely okay for a 20 year old cast! But I better re-do that cleaning, had to crop the one above as there still was a tiny spot on the left...


That’s it for today, Ciao Tutti!

For those who were into Prisma...


Better try Edu-Petrolhead’s ( Vinci. I feel it’s way superior and allows rectangular shots.