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Spaghetti Sunday: Unire l'obiettivo zoom con stop motion

Okay, after last week’s zoom-in-video-to-animated-gif I wanted to give the stop-motion variant another, probably last, try. Not by rolling the camera towards the cast step-by-step on a LEGO Duplo cart but this time by zooming in using the zoomlens itself. To add stability I got out my trusty cullman tripod instead of the small table tripod I usually use shooting my casts.


This way I can control the lens behavior better (aperture was “a thing” using video mode, exposure as well although the latter could be solved). It didn’t came out as fluently as last week but the endshot shows more of the car in focus. And maybe I could make it more fluently by just adding more frames. At first I tried 29 frames:

Then I doubled it and the leading picture was the result. Two things though: You need a better controlled environment as the first one clearly shows the weather outside changing over time. And it’s biggest issue probably is the size of the GIFS: the 60 frames one is over 50Mb. Sorry mobile users!


Ciao Tutti!

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