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Spare Parts Sunday: Paging Pillarless Coupe!

A few weeks ago I got some old, beaten up 1/18's from my mechanic Lothar he was gonna throw away. As I knew Philipilihp was trying some custom 1/18s I took ‘m home, to see if I could get some parts for him to use as there’s a box going to Springfield anyway. In Philipilihp’s discussions on his Porsche 959 post last Tuetonic Tuesday Pillarless Coupe asked, “for a friend”, if he could get the wheels, engine cover and front spoiler.


Well, he can. And I actually was amazed on the ingenious way such a 1/18 is constructed. Four Screws. And som clicking parts to hide two of those. So Pillarless Coupe, drop your email in the replies and tell me where it needs to go. And if anyone else needs something...

As I said: wheels, wings and spoilers are taken. The window on the passenger side door has turned milky, I presume due to some UV from standing in Lothar’s shop. Philip was interested in the engine but I’m not sure if that’s a piece he can use as it’s just a huge intercooler covering a fan, a belt and some tubes.


But if you want it: it’s your Philip! That’s it, no Spaghetti from me today, I’m sorry. And remember: 917 day next Tuesday. Another Porsche. YAY!


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