So if you’ve read any of the other posts I’ve put up on LaLD, you may notice a pattern forming; I like Rocket Cars, the more unusual the better. I talked about a couple of others here and here, and after a visit to last month’s toy fair, I found a new addition to my collection - the Ground FX.

It was in this video about MoonEyes designs that the Ground FX caught my attention, so I had to have one.

The version I picked up is the first release of the casting, the Hot Wheels Race Team design from the 2003 First Editions series. There have been 13 releases since then, including a glow-in-the-dark version.

The Ground FX was designed by Mark Jones, and what’s neat here is that he’s actually “signed” it, along with name-checks for graphic designer Michael Heralda and fellow designer Dave Weise.


Looking at the design, I reckon there’s inspiration there from the Railton Mobil Special and the Bluebird Proteus.

And a neat additional feature is the removable shell to reveal the chassis and motor beneath (although later models are fixed).