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Spun Out

A few months back I did a post extolling the virtues of Ertl’s 1980's vintage Blade Runner die-casts, and later another one talking about production designer Syd Mead’s one and only Hot Wheels casting (the ace Sentinel 400 Limo).

So, as you can imagine, I was pleased to hear that NECA were producing a die-cast of the Spinner flying car from the recent Blade Runner 2049 sequel.

Promo image from NECA’s Cinemachines range

They’re producing them in two sizes, and I went for the (roughly) 1/64th scale version to keep with my old-school Ertls. I had high hopes, given the great detail that NECA have shown on their other stuff (like the Pacific Rim figures series)...

On the card

...But I have to admit, I’m kinda underwhelmed. For a casting this pricey I was hoping for a little more “weight” to the thing. The painted-on windows and no interior detail (something that the the Ertl cars did really well) sadly make this one feel a little lacking.

Rear tampo close up
Front tampo close up

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