Finally some new Hot Wheels :D Case G. Which is supposed to have the yellow Datsun 510 wagon, but someone other than me must like wagons too. Arrrrgg! :P

But did find the black SRT Viper on my want list. So snatched it up for little more than the price of a can of dog food :)

It was hard to photograph with normal settings, so HDR brought out the detail.

Dodge...well SRT Viper GTS-R in black with racing livery and black rims with chrome red around the rim.


Big diecast wing! Red spoiler on the bottom.

Red and black go so good together.


Can see the interior. No shift stick though :|

Chassis is a big disappointment, but aerodynamic.


Red grill is a bit meh. Might paint it.

Viper always wins :D