Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
Illustration for article titled Star Trek Wheel Donors

I had to take an early lunch today to meet up with the “wildlife removal guy” about some mice. Yay, homeownership! This resulted in me needing some insulating foam to close up some cracks, so I stopped by Walmart on the way back to the office. I had to stop by the diecast aisle, and found these two Star Trek cars.


Though I’d rather have purchased them from Target (they are usually around $3 there vs. $4.47 at Walmart), but a wheel donor’s a wheel donor and I couldn’t pass these up. The Delorean-type wheels I don’t have any ideas for, but the gold steelies are probably a 356 Outlaw’s future shoes. Burnt Orange with gold wheels, Jobjoris? :D

Live long and prosper, Star Trek cars. Your wheels certainly will.

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