Hey, it’s another Star Wars themed car show, hooray!

It’s a aerial view, taken from a helicopter, :).

There’s always that one guy who absolutely loves Hondas.

Ok, I’ll give him this one. That Civic does look good.


“Hey Lando, nice truck!” “Thanks, I won it in a card game.”

The Empire’s goonies love the classics, and for good reason too!


It’s a boat vs boat showdown. I think the Caddy wins though.

Yoda is so hipster with the Type 2.


It looks like Boba Fett has another mopar up his sleeve!

It’s a ‘50s Mercury awesome-off! It’s like a dance off but it’s competed with awesomeness instead.


Ztp Jr wanted this truck on display. Actually, she picked up the truck (I asked her not to), and MrsZtp said to display it, :).