Big things with little cars

Started a rough draft...

...For the diorama (excuse the toilet, it was one of the few places I could set it to dry). I took a scrap piece of wood, and applied spackle to it to see how it sets.

First thing I noticed, it applies really thin. I never noticed it on walls, but then again I usually used it to combine pieces of white drywall together. So putting it on top of wood grain is quite different. The spackle I’m using is a pre-mixed kind, so it’ll be 24 hours until it’s fully dried.


I know this is monumental, as I’ve been talking about this diorama for nearly a year. For you new comers, the plan is to make a parking lot and road diorama out of the set below.

I need to redo all my measurement though, just in case. Measure twice, spackle once, right?

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