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Ryan, Lloyd and I have been recording episodes for the Live and Let Diecast Podcast since early February. Time has flown by. We have 14 recorded and 12 published. We really are having fun. It’s actually a lot of work overall. We try to do some prep for each episode, we chase down guests and coordinate with them for a time to record, we record, and then produce the podcast. I have a huge appreciation for fellow podcasters!!

The number 1 thing we need from you is more questions!! Next we need you to listen, and finally, we really need you to rate us on iTunes and other platforms.

Screenshot: iTunes

As of today, we have 10 ratings with 4 reviews. We need a lot more written reviews. This will help us pop up on people’s recommendation lists.

What has been the most popular episode to date? That would be Episode 7, which is interesting because it’s a non-guest episode. A close second is the episode with SN210 (Scott Nadeau), followed by the episode with Patrick Strong of Model Citizen:

Screenshot: ShoutEngine

I try really hard to listen to each podcast, but it’s torture hearing your own voice. But I do enjoy being able to listen to our guests, Lloyd and Ryan make great points. I learn a ton from each episode.

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