On a previous blog I indicated I was looking for a HW Red Escort and ended up getting a few other cars. So last Saturday I went out of town and been to 2 ToysRUS and 1 Walgreen hoping to find the Red Escort and again ended up with something else.

Wasn’t a bad hunt as I was also looking for the JL Jeep and HW long gone as well and found them. The M2 kit was a bonus but will think about it as I read from another blog over here that he was having issues getting the kit together.

What made me become interested in Long Gone? I used to have the HW original black wall of Long Gone and always wanted to have the model on my hand but was not keen to DLM it due to the value of it in the package so I decided to sell it. Now that it has been reissued I am happy to say that this will be DLM soon. As for the Jeep, when it was issued by Tomy I was looking for it but was not able to find it. Recently I came across an ebay seller with the Ertl collectibles of this model. Since I was interested in another item from the store and has combine shipping I decided to order it as well. The items I ordered will be posted on one of my future blog.

On to another subject. On my first post I indicated I was getting back to the Matchbox and HW mainline after spotting a few models in ebay and the internet that perk my interest. I have so far accumulated quite a HAWL which I never had that many before just within one month. However the balance is uneven between Matchbox and Hot Wheels. There were more license model in the Hot wheels that I like compared to Matchbox.


I even spotted a few of the Matchbox in boxes instead of blister pack but the models did not create any interest on me. Also the Dodge pick up was quite difficult to find as it took me several trips to different stores. Almost felt like it’s a chase. I guess that goes for the Willys 4x4 as well.